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NaVera Farms has been established in Nassau County Florida and is registered as an agricultural farm with the
United States Department of Agriculture

Farm number: 687, Tract number: 904 

This farm was created from scratch in May of 2010 from dirt. There were just two of us holding a vision for a truly naturally managed dairy and plant farm. This is was a huge task since this is not a family farm which was already in place nor active. There was no truck or tractor to assist our initial set-up. We had to relay on paid contractors with tractors and paid labor to work daily in our mission.  This is a commitment most would steer away from since there is no guarantee on this type of start-up investment or in our case financial return for a better life. We work 7-days a week, up to 14 hrs. per day ensuring the vision continues and the commitment is understood by all.

We teach by example for a better world.

Farm Life Foundation, our non-profit organization has been engaged at NaVera Farms to serve the educational needs of many who truly want to know about small farming, the care and respect for all animals and growing their own food naturally and chemical free.  Taking care of over 250 animals, some young, some in retirement, some with visual or physical challenges and some needing medical attention round the clock, serves as an education not unlike that of human life.   There is no difference in care from the heart.

With the assistance from our treasured farmhands and unsurpassed volunteers; Farm Life Foundation and NaVera Farms has made a change in many lives bringing faith and hope with a renewed respect for all plants, animals and fellow humans.

Many of our farm animals as well as our home pets have been rescued or adopted. We do not eat any of our animals.  In fact, we are vegetarians with an allowance of select fish for our diet. 

The diet for our animals?  Every farm animal is fed an organic-soy free and GMO free feed.

We understand that the end product from our hens and dairy animals will be the result of what they eat. If they eat organically grown feed then the product they produce will be truly natural and nutritious. This farm will not compromise the integrity of any farm animal or product.

Our farm animals include Nubian Dairy Goats, Dairy Cows, Quarter Horse, Donkeys, Alpacas, Llama Miniature Shetland Ponies, Miniature Donkey, Peking Ducks, Tom Turkey, Hampshire Pigs, Assortment of egg laying Hens, and Roosters.

We enjoy growing an assortment of herbs, fruit and vegetables to support our own lifestyle. Our Raised Bed Gardening Program helps many who may be new to raised beds. Learning about compost and its function is also a good education for all.

Organic soy-free grain fed- pasture raised hens offer us the highest quality eggs.  Cow milk is created with the same commitment in mind.

Farming on any scale is a constant evolution.  Farmers must have passion and commitment understanding there are endless hours and unsurpassed dedication for a life most may not  understand but can surely appreciate.

A natural farm empowering others thru hands-on participation.

A New Generation of Farming

We are a non-smoking pine forest property. 
Preventing forest fires is a top priority. 
Thank you.

NaVera Farms is also home and primary location for Sauls Road Nursery
Certificate of Nursery Registration
 # 48010216

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