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 NaVera Farms

Holistic, Organically driven and Educational
It's all about teaching the main staples of sustainability:

Respect for the environment 
Planting food 
Caring for our true teachers;
 the animals that serve all of us. 

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New Job Posting!
Live-On-site Farm Supervisor

We are proud to announce that
NaVera Farms has a new educational non-profit organization:

Farm Life Foundation
Non-profit #N13000001116

We are each Ambassadors for the land, water and food; it is up to each of us to work together bringing back and maintaining what was once pure, natural and in harmony.


New Tours, Programs and Team Building...

 Educational Tour & Program information
can now be found on   


All tour, program and educational workshop contributions for Farm Life Foundation support the holistic care, organic feeding, medical needs, payroll, buildings, materials and marketing necessary to maintain our nonprofit educational organization.

September 2014!

Native Sun Natural Markets presents:
A Healthy Workshop at NaVera Farms!

( This workshop is now Sold-Out.  Thank you for your support!)

WHEN? September 27th at 10:30AM

 Fee:  $15 per person (Includes Native Sun lunch & $10 donation to Farm Life Foundation)

We’re headed to NaVera Farms in Callahan, Florida for our next Healthy Workshop. The morning will start with a tour of the farm and introductions to the farm’s animal family. Then it’s off to the chicken coops to hunt for fresh eggs before learning how to clean, sort, and define them. We’ll finish the workshop with a healthy picnic lunch on the farm. NaVera is one of the leading holistic farms in Florida. Space is limited. Call or visit customer service at either store to reserve your spot. –

See more at:

Natural Healing 101 Classes begin in October!

Farm Life Foundation introduces
"Natural Healing 101 class "
Essential Oils with Michele Wensell

Just Announced!
Special Guest: Stacey Wynn, Certified Health Coach will be joining our class to share and demonstrate the Zyto Scan! Advanced Vibrational Healing is becoming mainstream! Learn how Bio-Communication can return all to excellent health!

Oct. 11th. 3pm.

Discover aromatherapy with certified pure therapeutic-grade® (CPTG®) essential oils

~~They work with your body's unique chemistry — rather than trying to change it. This means that you can tap into their healing benefits without the toxic side-effects so often found with other healing modalities. And, because essential oils are so easy to use, they provide you with a powerful, safe and effective means of taking charge of your own health. From oils that support healthy liver, kidney, colon, lungs and skin to all natural insect repellent.! You will learn simple topical uses that will bring you back to nature and balance. This class is designed for both Men and Woman who truly honor holistic alternatives to a new way of life!  All per person donation fees are tax-deductible and support Farm Life Foundation's mission and vision for farm education, food awareness and animal care, holistically.  Limited seating, please reserve early.

Suggested Donation amount is $12.00 per person and may be paid using the 'Donate" button on the "Donations" page at:

Did you know...? Another wonderful validation on research and benefits of essential oils:

You may confirm your attendance on our "Event" page of Facebook! 
Thank you.


Educational Tour & Programs

 " Talk to the Animals" Farm Life Tour!
Donation Amount: $12.00 per person
(All ages from Toddler to Senior)

Here our Farm Guide will lead and educate tour guests and students with information on the farm and the animals.  Excitement will build as everyone approaches the Big Red Barn!  Behind the barn is where all the fun is!  Once in the barnyard your guide will introduce everyone to a vast variety of farm animals from our exotic hens like our Polish Poms along with our exotic Alpaca family.  You will be greeted by Simba and Bella our youngest members!  We will venture out to Mini Meadows to see our Mini Ponies including Eeyore the miniature donkey. And our growing family of Nubian Goats.   Valentine and Pricilla our Hampshire Pigs love new students!  Gigi our calf and our big dairy cows... Buttercup, Gracie, Gaia and Nellie are all about the milk!   Oh yes, we must remember to visit Daffy our baby goose, Quackers and Daisy, Leah and Sissy our ducks!  
A 60 min Tour.

 Bonus: Pony ride now available for children up to 14 yrs. old.   
Donation of $10.00 per ride.  Proceeds also go to Farm Life Foundation non-profit org.

Always a fun learning experience!

 Pictures will be taken of your visit!

    Raise the Beds!
     (No walking necessary, please bring a lawn chair, pad & pen)

Limit 10 students per class
   Open to all ages. 

Donation amount: $18.00 per person

 1 hour class

Learn the basics of what, how and why for your own Raised Bed Garden!   This is a verbal instructional class using examples of current beds, compost, plants and sun shade.  A good beginning for those who enjoy a Q & A environment.  Raised Bed gardening is perfect for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs & ground fruit like Strawberries!  Pictures will be taken of this class.

Let's get dirty!

      Raised Bed Gardening Workshop
(For those who wish to actively engage it will involve leaning over, bending and using your hands.)

Limit 10 students per class
Open to all ages

Donation amount: $30.00 per person

2 hour class

This workshop will actually teach you how to create a 4 X 4 raised bed and  review the different types and material options.  Compost and dirt options will be discussed and used in the project bed.  A variety of plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs will be used.  Pictures will be taken of this workshop.


Intro to Farming!

Donation amount: $15.00 per person / per hour

Are you interested in starting your own farm?  Need "bottom line" answers to your questions on type, cost, animals, growing, animal housing and responsibility?  Then this class is for you.  We are here to assist you with your vision and support your direction.

We will provide you with the answers you need to avoid costly decisions
that may not suit your vision.

Our goal is to support your dream and purpose with emphasis on the true meaning of sustainability in today's world.


Contact us today to set your appointment for a Visit to the Farm!

*Policies must be adhered to during all visits, please view
 "For your Information" page on this site.


Interested in being a Farm Life Foundation Volunteer?
Check out for more info!

Driving directions:

Coming from St. Augustine/Jax Airport:

I-95 North to exit 373 Callahan.

 Your will turn left at the traffic light at end of exit, go under I-95 and continue to drive west 5.3 miles (this is FL A1A) After 5.3 miles your will turn right at Griffin Road. (You will see a big radio tower and FPL Station at Griffin Road.) Follow Griffin Road for 5.1 miles. (Griffin turns into Musselwhite Road, just FYI) After your 5.3 miles you will turn right at Sauls Road, drive 1.2 miles. NaVera Farms will be on your left. You will see gates and sign.

Coming from Westside of Jacksonville:

Take 295 north and exit 28B Callahan/US 1 North

Drive 17 miles (Your will follow thru Downtown Callahan, continue and pass the Nassau County Fairgrounds) the first main road on your right after 17 miles will be Sauls Road! Drive 2.3 miles to NaVera Farms on right. You will see gates and sign.

Coming from Georgia Border:

Take I-95 South to exit 373 Callahan.

Your will head west, (to the right) and follow 5.2 miles to Griffin Road. After 5.2 miles your will turn right at Griffin Road. (You will see a big radio tower and FPL Station at Griffin Road.) Follow Griffin Road for 5.1 miles. (Griffin Road turns into Musselwhite Road, just FYI) After your 5.3 miles you will turn right at Sauls Road, drive 1.2 miles. NaVera Farms will be on your left. You will see gates and sign.


  Thank you for visiting our site!
“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the earth from our
ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
- Native American Proverb 





 We are a non-smoking pine forest property. 
Preventing forest fires is a top priority. 
Thank you.


NaVera Farms has been established in Nassau County Florida 
and is registered as an agricultural farm with the
United States Department of Agriculture

Farm number: 687, Tract number: 904 

Feed Master Registration
State of Florida
# Z002212

NaVera Farms holds a current Nassau County Agriculture Producer Certification
Growers Permit

Navera Farms is also home and primary location for
Sauls Road Nursery

Certificate of Nursery Registration
 # 48010216

  A Florida Greenbelt Agriculture Property

Cell Phone and wireless device use not permitted on property. 
Please keep them in your vehicle.
Thank you.

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Facebook under NaVera Farms!

A Slow Food First Coast "Snail of Approval" farm!


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