NaVera Farms holds a Master Feed Registration in the state of Florida.  

Registration number:  Z001824

 Our farm fresh, natural eggs are not processed in a USDA approved facility utilizing pasteurization methods.  

NaVera Farms eggs are sold as "Animal Feed" and are not approved for human consumption. 

Raw Hen eggs are very nutritious when added to dog food!  It brings dry dog food to life. 

All egg cartons are new and never re-used for sanitary reasons.  The cartons are bio-degradable too!

 All eggs sold have a "used by" date on carton.

NaVera Farms exceeds the recommended standards for eggs sold as "Feed." 

All farm animals reside in one of the few "environmentally friendly" committed farms in the country.   This commitment begins with the owners personal residence utilizing  all natural products without compromise.

The farm is chemical, pesticide and insecticide free.  

There are no cell phones or Wi-Fi permitted on the farm or residence ensuring a "safe place" lifestyle from excessive EMF and EMR influences and molecular modification.

Cellphones are powered off and never active in our delivery vehicle.

No fluorescent lights are used in our dairy or egg production locations. 

Music for the animals is supplied through CD players and not radio antenna.

The Owner of NaVera Farms holds and maintains a "Food Safety Managers Certification" as a continued commitment to production measures and management.

State of Florida Master Feed Registration: Z002302

Chaffhaye provides excellent nutrition for our animals!  Non-GMO too!

All of our animals are on a weekly herbal worming program from: Molly's Herbals!  The way nature intended.  Check out Molly's site at:

Truly Farm Fresh Eggs

NaVera Farms eggs are produced with the highest commitment to excellence.  This includes feeding the hens with the highest quality, certified  organic, raw, live grains and legumes with probiotics and kelp for mineral support.  No soy meal, soy oil or canola oil are used in the hen feed.   We pride our trademark on a vast array of egg colors from our wonderful selection of hen types!

Unsurpassed care:

The hens are treated with the same respect as humans.  This includes safe housing, temperature monitoring in summer and winter months, daily water monitoring, nest box maintenance using real pine shavings and weekly herbal worming.


To ensure our hens live a happy and peaceful life, NaVera Farms maintains a 96% female operation.  This means only a few gentle roosters are permitted to remain as guests but cannot cause harm or portray aggressive behavior at any time or they may not live here.

Pasture Raised:

All NaVera Farms hens are permitted to roam safely amongst 12 acres of land.  At night they are tucked away in the hen houses and coops and locked in for safety from predators.

To purchase directly from the farm, please contact us at:  or 904-879-0396

Where's the milk?

$7.99 per dozen

NaVera Farms eggs can be found at

Native Sun Natural Foods Market in Jacksonville! 

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                                                  NaVera Farms takes a stand. "Dairy put on hold for 2017."

Responsibility and Accountability begin with each one of us.
NaVera Farms is honored to be led by the intentions and mission of Farm Life Foundation. We, the owners, ambassadors, and educators for both entities must serve our purpose without compromise regardless of profit or product popularity.
Year after year we have supported our organic cow and goat dairy operation with pride and dedication, offering the highest quality milk products possible. We are committed to the education of “Freshening” our goats, breeding our bovine, mentoring husbandry and raising newborns with the greatest holistic and organic care, management and monitoring operation available from our own training, payroll, and internships.

As environmentalists and nutritionists, we indeed mandate a very strong policy structure which includes our licensing in Feed and a Food Safety Management Certification.
One of the strongest teachings we offer to all students, guests and visitors is the lesson of population control. Each animal farm or domestic must have a suitable land space for that animal to live a healthy and free life, supported by us, the humans. This mandate is followed strongly at NaVera Farms which brings us to the next most important component of population control; breeding for the product.

For the last six years, we have monitored and assessed the topic of animal overpopulation in NE Florida. Again, this includes not only domestic animals who were once defined as “pets” but in our case, farm animals, which are bred to produce a product, whether it is defined as sustainability or for retail sales to the community.
Both bovine “cow” and goat milk require breeding of the animal. A first-time Heifer, experienced cow or Doe (female goat) must deliver a newborn, calf or kid to produce milk and in the case of goats, a set of twins is common.
Our tradition has been to retain the newborn females and welcome them to our dairy herd. The newborn males, Bull or Buck, are usually part of our Adoption Program which, requires a confirmed application process, background check, and adoption agreement.

Estimation of our qualified adoptees has been less than 6% based on the ability, experience, financial means and most importantly, the time commitment (12-14hrs management and monitoring per day) to devote to their newly adopted farm animal. Many new calf or kid owners regret the decisions within 60 days once they realize that it requires continual education, hands-on experience, full-time care from sunrise to sunset, health maintenance, properly maintained shelters, protection and a continual one on one relationship with each animal to create trust and participation. Add in the fact that most new owners must have the land and proper zoning for the farm animal, and we can understand why an estimated 61% of all farm animals now end up at an auction, or on Craigslist or other Agricultural sites to unload the innocent animal, hence why Farm Life Foundation has either rescued or adopted by purchase, many of its homeless animals.

With that being said, NaVera Farms in conjunction with Farm Life Foundation has not bred any dairy animal for 2017, a first since we started this business in 2010. Until, we see, feel or confirm that NE Florida as a region, has a handle so to speak on this population issue of innocent animals without proper care, food, land or management, both NaVera Farms and Farm Life Foundation will refrain from breeding any dairy animal simply to produce a milk product, which cannot guarantee nor confirm a respectable future and quality life for any innocent newborn.

We will revisit this topic and our dairy operation in 2018.

                      “No profit, percentage nor product will ever take priority over any animal on this property.”
Thank you,
Bill Di Stanisloa
President, Farm Life Foundation at NaVera Farms

                         Our Product Commitment

Our Organically Certified, Raw, Live feed is shipped in from:

New Country Organics! 

So sprouts!

                                          Real Farm Fresh Eggs 

All of our farm animals are fed the highest quality, certified organic, raw, live grains and legumes with probiotics and kelp for mineral support.  One exception in particular, "Valentine" our Hampshire pig is grain-free, "gluten free" and therefore on a meal of whitefish and peanuts!  The animals in general are also fed non-gmo alfalfa with molasses.  Peanut hay is also their favorite third course!  

Unsurpassed Care:

All dairy animals are treated with the same respect as humans.   This includes safe housing, temperature monitoring in summer and winter months, daily water monitoring, daily cleaning of barns and weekly herbal worming.


NaVera Farms provides specific fields for each group of goats as well as for all animals.  To ensure the psychological well-being of all animals a recess time is arranged at certain times of the day.  This releases all animals to freely move out of their fields and roam, play and enjoy other parts of the farms.   All animals co-exist together.  

Pasture Raised:

NaVera Farms provides ample space for all dairy animals which includes the ability to rotate from field to field.  It is understood that NaVera Farms is located in Florida.   There is only certain months during the year that the dairy animals can graze on grasses or plant life.   With this in mind, the animals are provided with multiple course feeding mentioned above.