A Choice for a better world.

A personal story from the heart and spirit. 

 Some things are meant to be...

NaVera Farms is indeed meant to be.  

When the two of us started NaVera Farms, we had a simple vision of self-sustainability based on our climate here in NE Florida.   With a love and unsurpassed respect for all living forms and Mother Earth, we as two corporate, clean-cut, professional and well-dressed individuals had huge eye-opening experiences, many times over.  One of us would have to forfeit the corporate life and commit 24/7, 365 days a year to a new way of life which was the way of life 125 years ago, ignored by 80% of the country.  Both of us would work together on weekends and be willing to learn quickly on the many facets of animal care, husbandry, dairy operations and health care for a variety of animal types.

With the growth of the farm operation came the large array of animal types, most of them rescued or adopted. It became clear that we had to earn their trust if this was going to be a win-win for both.  As such, we created relationships not known in the human realm.  Indeed, the animals are our teachers, our role models and spiritual mirrors on many levels.  Unconditional love is portrayed best by animals and mammals with their young and family members.  

As for our diets, they consisted of the standard American diet but without the addiction for sugar or other unhealthy consumptions.   Yes, we were both meat eaters.  

Day after day the animals consisting of Goats, Pigs, Bovine, Equine, Ducks, Hens and a Turkey also known as Fowl, would be the mainstay of the farm's responsibility.  The need to assist at times with a birth of an animal, the bottle feeding of the little ones and the nursing for those in need defined our new lives.

It is said; "What you're around you become."  Indeed, this became true for us.   Our hearts grew fueled by passion and love for each animal and the training, it came naturally.

Our animals became the "talk of the town" bringing joy to those who visited to see the gentle creatures, big and small.

Spending day and night with our animals opened our eyes and soul to exactly what is meant by 'Unconditional love."

As the days went on I personally started to feel different at the breakfast table and of course, the dinner table followed soon after.   When chicken was served which at one time was my favorite meat selection with filet mignon coming in a close second, I became uneasy and eventually very sad at meal times.  It became clear to me that my thoughts were changing as well and my inner voice was speaking to me saying: A decision must be made, either you are going to protect and educate or continue the demise of innocent lives thinking that meat serves a nutritious mandate and purpose unmatched by any other protein source for humans.   This was a true statement.  For years I studied nutrition and prevention methods were the keys to good health and well-being.

The change was taking place.  NaVera Farms would serve as an educational farm.  This vision of "common sense" education honoring Mother Earth, the animals, Bees and all life in a 100% natural environment was indeed the mission of this farm.  Hence, Farm Life Foundation was born.

From the moment of realization that meat would no longer be on my plate; the education, research, and study began.   A shocking discovery was found multiple times with my investigation into meat processing, animal housing, and animal abuse, locally, nationally and globally.  All those "Petitions" now made sense, and we the humans were the primitive ones, using selfish motives in a programmed diet, which caused cruelty to animals and documented health concerns for humans.

My partner immediately followed my example with both of our hearts beating for the lives behind our home and around the world.

I can only speak from my own experience and what makes sense to me but rest assured that I see, feel and again sense the difference in my own health and the health of this property both energetically and spiritually.

This farm is defined as Vegetarian and Vegan with all due respect and honor as we the human race moves into the 5th dimension of consciousness.  Blessings will be given to all food types including plants and grains. Gratitude will be shared at every meal.

In closing, there are countless of documentation, research, blogs, posts and books on what I and others share in common.  Regardless of one's own personal decisions for their diet, the fact remains that the treatment of animals of all types destined for production and processing has been understated and places "man" and his actions in the worst image of evil known to Mother Earth.  Hopefully, this will change with fact over fiction, love over hate and peace over war and in this case compassion over compulsion.

The below pictures are real and their intent is not to devastate anyone's emotional balance but to make aware that things must change and change now as "We the People" have allowed this type of treatment to go on far too long.  We the People who owe our lives, our land, and our sustainability to all living things, big and small.

Thank you for reading this page. Indeed there are no accidents in life, we are all guided for a reason.

Bill Di Stanisloa/ NaVera Farms

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